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"Internal audit or audit "for yourself"

Audit it is an independent examination of company’s tax payments and accounting with the subsequent description of the revealed revenue situation.

Internal audit or audit "for yourself "is appropriate for those organizations, which want to reveal their own mistakes on time.

The purpose of internal audit is to help accountants and company’s managers to discharge effectively their obligations.

Client himself chooses, what it is necessary to examine during the internal audit. It can be both complex, and subject examination, which is tax audit.

Tax audit it is the process of revealing authenticity of the tax accounting, examination of calculation accuracy for all or individual taxes.

Cost of any internal auditing examination depends on posed audit objectives, on document volumes with which you will be dealing, and also examination period.

  • tax audit;
  • audit of basic documents registration;
  • audit of cash operations;
  • audit of salary calculation;
  • accounting audit.

«Time and money are mostly interchangeable».

Winston Churchill

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