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Business administration

Management accounts it is a connecting link between business operation and accounting process. It is helping leader to make adequate and right decisions.

The purpose of management accounts is clarifying of business activity understanding and reviewing the direction of business development. It is also a flexible system of providing analytical reports to managers with changed situation taking into account. This situation depends on such factors, as: size of the enterprise, its structure, personnel, market, etc.

  • Administrative reports

    1. profit formation and profitability report provision;
    2. preparation of the statement for the head company (reporting form is developed and approved by the head company);
    3. preparation of financial statements, cash flow and capital statements, etc;
    4. preparation of consolidated statements;
    5. preparation of the budget (complete, separate).
  • Accounting

    1. accounting preparation and provision (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Statement);
    2. control over accuracy of basic documents registration;
    3. preparation of basic documents;
    4. registration of cash operations, cash-book, the book of cash desk operator;
    5. preparation of commodity statements, reconciliation of the commodities surplus;
    6. registration of advance reports;
    7. salary calculation;
    8. conducting payments with advance holders, buyers and customers, suppliers and contractors;
    9. consolidated accounting preparation and delivery;
    10. protection and presentation of client’s interests in tax and state authorities.
  • Financial management and lending products

    1. evaluation of a company’s financial condition in the planning period and finding opportunities for its improvement, reasoning from factual financial indicators of the basic period; sales planning (rendering of services, work execution) and prospective contractual payment terms with suppliers and contractors, buyers and customers;
    2. evaluation of company’s solvency and decision-making;
    3. evaluation of assets efficiency and making decisions on its increase;
    4. analysis and evaluation of investment efficiency;
    5. sales profitability evaluation;
    6. money turnover management;
    7. evaluation of company’s creditworthiness;
    8. scheduling of credit (loan) repayment and payment of interest.

«The way you collect, organize and use information, is defining will you win or will you lose».
Bill Gates

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