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Crisis - management

There is no company that never experienced to some extent crisis events, economic and financial problems in the business operations.

In the modern world executives need to solve problems, i.e. prevention of crisis situations and ensuring their company’s stable position in the market, because if some companies go bankrupt it may frequently cause deterioration of a financial condition (solvency) of other enterprises.

Such tasks solution or lightening of crisis events influence is appear to be a system of measures aimed at maintenance of company’s competitive advantage during the long period of time (or ensuring its stable position in the market).

  • Crisis - management

    1. Revealing of reasons for crisis situations;
    2. Examination of organization’s condition;
    3. Determination of methods and strategy for organization sanitation.
  • Risk management

    1. Credit risk;
    2. Percentage risk;
    3. Currency risk;
    4. Risk of missed profit.
Crisis Management

«Think before you invest money, and do not forget to think, when you have already invested it.»


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