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Legal services

Traditionally the lawyer role radically differs from the accountant role.

If the ideal auditor is impartial and independent from clients, then lawyers, on the contrary, are completely loyal to them and they cannot disclose trusted by clients information, with the exception of rather limited range of circumstances.

«Who is my client?» - this is the question, with witch every lawyer is facing, and if we look at this issue in the corporate context, the answer, as a rule, is obvious: it is a corporation, not the people, from whom top management consist of.

  • Company registration

    1. Preparation of constituent documents;
    2. Provision of constituent documents for registration;
    3. Bank accounts opening;
    4. Seals producing.
  • Modification

    1. Change with Executive board changing;
    2. Change with founders replacement;
    3. Authorized capital changing.
  • Oganizations of liquidation

  • Drawing up contracts

    1. Labour;
    2. Civil;
    3. Foreing trade contracts.
  • Obtaining licenses for working in Russian Federation

  • Disposal of tax disputes

  • Real estate transactions


"Arguments are making the best impact when they are we found on our own, than when they came from other people.".

B. Pascal

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