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Oursourcing – it is one of possible ways for the company to solve the problem of being competitive.

This is the management strategy, which allows to optimize functioning of the company at the expense of concentration of activity on a core direction.

Basing on the experience of many foreign countries, outsourcing is very attractive to the businessman, who is the owner of small business, as it allows to increase his personal efficiency due to transferring of his non-core functions to the specialized companies.

In this case the businessman can "relieve" himself and he will be released from secondary work and will be able to devote himself to what he actually can do the best.

Outsourcing Principle: «I leave to myself only what I can do better then others, I transfer to external executor some functions, that he fulfils better then others».

Time is a valuable resource and it is the question of vital importance to distribute it properly. To use time effectively it is the question of choosing the best variant from all available opportunities and performing it in the best way.


«Somebody's time is appreciated by the person, who isn’t wasting his own time».
M.L. Makarevich

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